Lights and Siren Collaborative

• Reduce Crashes: Most serious ambulance crashes involve the use of lights-and-siren.
• What Really Matters: Lights-and-siren don’t save much time and very few patients benefit from the small time savings.

What are we going to do about this?
• The EMS Community is coming together with a group of world class experts to safely decrease the EMS use of lights-and-siren with a national performance improvement project.
• Our goal is to reduce the use of lights-and-siren to less than 30% of responses and less than 5% of transports on 911 EMS calls.

Benefits of Participation include:
• Improved safety for your patients, providers, and community.
• Shared learning, networking, and coaching with content experts and peers.
• Resources for testing changes within your agency and sustaining improvements.

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