National EMS Quality Measure Set 

Re-Specified Measure Set

In August 2019, the NEMSQA Measure Development Committee and Board of Trustees approved the eleven measures included in the documents below. These measures were reviewed and re-specified from their original release in the EMS Compass program. Using NEMSQA’s Measure Development Process, the measures went through rigorous research, specification, and testing phases. The testing phase included a public comment period.

It is not required that an agency use all measures in the measure set. Agencies and EMS professionals are encouraged to choose measures most meaningful to their patient population and implement those measures to improve performance and patient care. Data should be collected for an initial baseline period and results used to develop meaningful interventions to improve quality of care.

The following measures have been re-specified and approved for inclusion in the National EMS Quality Measure Set. Resources pertaining to each measure can be downloaded using the links in the table below. Additional resources developed to assist with measure use and implementation are posted beneath the table. Please note that some of these resources are posted both as individual measure packages within in the table and as resource-specific packages beneath the table.