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Meet Jeff Maler, Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) Member Representative to NEMSQA!

Jeff Maler, BSN, RN, CEN, CFRN, EMT-P, FP-C serves on the ENA’s EMS Advisory Council, and was nominated to be liaison to NEMSQA in 2021. Jeff is an Enroute Critical Care Nurse for the Army, traveling all over the world! 
Jeff embodies the ENA’s goal of bridging the gaps between EMS and nursing, saying, “It’s about ensuring that the amazing things we do in the ER, and the amazing things that happen in EMS, can come together to help make the best patient outcomes.” 
What is your role as the ENA’s liaison to NEMSQA?
Connecting EMS and nursing. If you work in an Emergency Department and you’ve never done a ride-along, there’s a knowledge gap, because in the Emergency Room, I’ve got the doctor, I’ve probably got a PA, I’ve got respiratory therapists, I definitely have a few CNAs or medics that work with me. But when you’re in the back of a box and it’s just you, nurses don’t understand what you have to go through during that patient transport. They’ve never been in that environment; they’ve only been in the luxury of the hospital. But if we can learn together and grow together, we’re gonna be able to become better partners. That’s one of the reasons that the ENA is so involved in NEMSQA along with the other EMS organizations. We try to have that voice for Emergency Nurses so we can have that partnership with EMS. 


Why is EMS quality improvement important at the ENA?

It’s about that continuum of care. During our most recent measure development I know we were looking at early notification of trauma or stroke alerts—how important it is to have that communication piece between prehospital providers and hospital providers. It’s really important to have those conversations and find the measures where we can improve based on the information that we learn from EMS, from the Emergency Room, the ICU—that whole spectrum of care—to improve those patient outcomes. 

What is your personal “passion project”? 
One of my back-burner goals if I can ever bring it forward in the ENA is to encourage ride-along programs within hospitals with their EMS departments. One, it helps build that relationship with that local EMS department. But it also helps build that shared understanding between nurses and EMS of what the other’s role is, what it took to get the patient where they’re at. 
What work or projects does the ENA do related to quality improvement?

A lot of times, we’re one of the final stakeholders and implementers of the quality improvement that is identified. We get NEMSQA’s final product and then we help push that to our association members, like, “Hey, this is what NEMSQA has found. How can you guys utilize this information to then make process changes within your own departments, or working with the EMS partners that you have.” We help ensure that measures are feasible and usable, and have utilization within the departments we’re in. 

Since you travel so much with the Army, is there a food from abroad that you dream about having again, and when you’re abroad is there a food from home that you miss?
In Budapest, we had this amazing pork knuckle—I can still see it today and remember how amazing this pork knuckle was. The whole experience we had in Hungary was amazing. And for the second part, Cincinnati Chili. It’s not chili as we think of it, it’s more a glorified pasta sauce, but it has hints of chocolate and cinnamon. It’s amazing. It sounds ridiculous, but I’ve actually had people send me that in Germany and Iraq when I was stationed there.