EMS Performance: NEMSQA Quality Measures- December 3, 2020


Summary: Performance measures drive practice, protocols, spending, and behaviors across
healthcare. The National EMS Quality Alliance (NEMSQA) is leading the charge in development,
refinement and dissemination of quality and performance measures for EMS. Working with
EMS organizations, stakeholders, partners from government and industry, NEMSQA updated
the EMS Compass measures to ensure their evidence-basis and make them readily deployable
across the EMS community to drive quality and improvement in patient care. This program will
inform you about the work of NEMSQA, how the NEMSQA measures are being implemented
already, and how you can employ NEMSQA measures to improve performance in your EMS
service or region.

Michael Redlener, MD, FAEMS; President, NEMSQA
Brooke Burton, NRP, FACME; Vice President, NEMSQA
Jeff Jarvis, MD, MS, EMT-P, FAEMS; NEMSQA; Chair, Measure Development Committee