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Defining and Addressing Quality Gaps: Pain Management in EMS


When: Tuesday, January 30 1:00 pm CT 
Speakers: Remle P. Crowe, PhD, NREMT & Jamie Kennel, PhD, MAS

The EMS Agenda 2050 describes a vision of a people-centered, equitable, evidence-based and data- driven emergency medical services. Sadly, published evidence around EMS management of pain reveals wide variability and disparate treatment, especially when it comes to race.  Join Drs. Remle Crowe and Jamie Kennel to learn about ways EMS clinicians can improve patient assessment and treatment to ensure the most important outcome: relief of pain. EMS systems or agencies can use two NEMSQA measures, Trauma-01 Pain Assessment & Trauma 03 Effectiveness of Pain Management for Injured Patients to assess how they are performing and identify areas for quality improvement efforts. 

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